Buying Process


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Get Pre-Approved for a Mortgage

This needs to happen before we start looking at any homes. We also recommend that you go through a local lender & not a large bank or out-of-state lender.

Realtor Consultation

Once you have obtained a Pre-Approval letter, we will set up a phone call or in-person conference to discuss the home search process.

Online Search with Immediate Notification

We will set up a search based on your loan approval amount, desired area, and qualities in a home. You will receive automated emails with real-time updates and new home listings meeting your search criteria.

House Hunting

Only focus on homes in ACTIVE Status- Option pending, Pending, and Pending Continuing to Show all have accepted contracts. Give us as much time as possible to set up coordinate showings. Do home “drivebys” to make sure you like the exterior and location/area before requesting a showing.

Making an Offer

Don’t be afraid to act when you see THE ONE! The market moves fast & if you like it, others probably do too. We will work to get you the best deal possible.

Executed Offer

Once all parties agree to terms, and the paperwork is executed, then you will need to turn in the Earnest Money check (typically 1% of the purchase price) and Option check (typically $200-$300).

Termination Option

This time frame is your time to schedule and perform inspections, negotiate repairs, and get pricing for homeowner’s insurance. During this period, the buyer has the unrestricted right to terminate the contract for ANY reason. This period is typically 10 calendar days.

Appraisal & Survey

Once repairs have been negotiated and you are through the Option Period, you need to request that your lender order the appraisal & that the title company orders the survey (if applicable). This expense is part of your closing costs. ($400- $450 Each)

Credit Approval

The lender will submit your file to underwriting once they have all requested documents from you to receive conditional approval. Once you have conditional approval, your lender may request items from you to clear the conditions. Once they have those, they will re-submit your file back to underwriting for a Clear to Close.

Closing Statement

At least 3 days prior to closing, you will receive what is called a Closing Statement. Please review carefully! This will have the amount you need to bring to closing in the form of a cashier’s check or send via wire.


Make sure to bring an ID and cashier’s check in the amount listed on the Closing Statement. Also, bring a checkbook in the event you need to write a personal check for any small discrepancies.


You will receive your keys after you have closed AND funded. Depending on the time of day you close, it might not be until the next day, so schedule movers accordingly. Note: If your closing time is late on a Friday, you might not fund until the following Monday.


Click Here to Schedule a Buyer Consultation